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Stock-Imagery.com was originally set up in 2006 as a free stock photo website, and ten years later it follows the same principle and offers an online resource where creative professionals, media agencies, other businesses, and individuals can download high quality images to use in their work and marketing activities, on their websites, blog posts and concepts.

The website was the casualty of a server move and taken down in 2010, but at the start of 2016 it has been set up again and refreshed with a brand new photo collection.

A Niche Free Stock Photo Website

Our collection is not found on any other stock photo website and is the result of exclusive contributions from our contributors. We have a focus on travel and photos of Southeast Asia, primarily Cambodia, an area that often has less coverage on the larger stock photo websites. We hope you will find something useful.

Why is it free? Why not. Use the images and create something nice.